Enterprise System Solutions

Hyper Converged Architectures

You need an IT infrastructure that is agile enough to keep you competitive in the face of ever-changing new technology and evolving business demands.

HCI solutions address this need by combining computing, storage and networking in a single system, so you can simplify your operations, reduce CAPEX, and scale rapidly to respond to changing business needs.

Server Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is the most effective way to reduce IT spending while providing greater efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Our virtualization solutions help you make better use of computing power, improve data center flexibility and scalability, reduce your energy costs, increase system performance, and get more from your existing hardware.

Built with leading integration, automation and deployment capabilities, each server is built to easily protect and power a wide variety of applications and workloads. Start and scale as needed, knowing that your IT assets are secure, protected, and available.

Storage Solutions

As businesses face increasingly complex workloads and the constant threat of cyberattacks, a technology partner that can provide reliable, built-in data protection is essential.

Storage solutions optimize workloads with self-encrypting drives on each array, disaster recovery and snapshots, and maximize your storage investments. Reduce risk and increase productivity with industry-leading scalable storage designed for your business.

Backup Solutions

Your data needs to stay safe through the unpredictable ups and downs of our modern world.

We ensure that your data remains safe with scalable, reliable and cloud-supported backup software. We produce solutions to make your infrastructure accessible for disaster scenarios that you may encounter in different scenarios.

We ensure that your infrastructure survives efficient and powerful backup, archiving and disaster situations.

Metro Cluster Solutions

With Metro-Clustering, you take your existing virtualized cluster environment and divide it equally between the two sites. A high-speed, low-latency connection and duplicate equipment is required between the two sites, but you have the ability to failover your environment from one location to another, with little or no downtime for your community of users.

This eliminates the risk of upgrades and configuration changes at a single site. You also reduce interruptions from unexpected environmental events such as leaking ceilings, air conditioning units that stop cooling, or faulty UPS units.

Replication Solutions

It can guide you through many replication solutions on the market and help you understand what is best for your environment.

Array-based replication solutions are very easy to use and implement, but they require two arrays to work. Third-party virtualization replication solutions are a bit more complex. You can use two different types of arrays on each site.
Cloud-based replication solutions allow you to replicate your virtualized environment to the public cloud.

Replication and Business Continuity

We offer Replication and Business Continuity solutions to ensure your business survives unforeseen interruptions.
With replication solutions, we produce solutions for your data to avoid data loss during the RPO and RTO times provided by your current environment.

With Business Continuity solutions, we ensure that your business operates without being affected by disaster situations.

Technical Consulting Solutions

Periodic maintenance in corporate systems is provided in line with needs. The consultancy services needed in this period are provided for maintenance and expansion needs.