IT Solutions
Enterprise Networks

Network design, management and support services for the needs of a fast, accessible, uninterrupted, stable and most importantly secure network structure within the scope of corporate networks are among the basic corporate network solutions.

Cloud Computing

By moving operating existing services to the cloud environment without technical budget restrictions and CAPEX expenditures significantly reduces both the personnel cost and the CAPEX cost, as well as increasing the system continuity and providing quality service to the companies.

Enterprise Systems

“Data”, the most valuable product of the business, should be processed and stored under appropriate conditions. We provide services with the business continuity solutions needed by IT systems and data under all conditions.

Data Centers

Assignment of business continuity and data redundancy training in our world-class hosting service solutions with a fully compatible data center located in Istanbul and Ankara.

Cyber Security

Using security applications to protect corporate data against external or internal attacks and integrate these applications with corporate networks, protects corporate network and prevent data leakage.

Digital Communication

As DATNES, we offer corporate digital communication solutions in many areas from in-house communication portal to digital signage solutions, from video portal solutions to online training portal solutions.


DATNES is established in 2019, started operations to provide value-added services with network, security, system and cloud solutions. It is a technology company that aims to expand its business partner ecosystem by guiding the leading companies in the sector on their digital transformation journey with its competent team and technical staff dedicated to continuous self-improvement.

While DATNES continues consultancy activities for companies, providing services in fields such as defense industry, automotive, energy, transportation, food and communication, with the goal of reliable consultant and business partner in a short time, DATNES team has provided the necessary experience and technical knowledge.

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More than 8000+ professional IT hardware, software solutions and integrations actively working in Turkey's well-known, leading institutions


Consulting services with leading technology brands known in Turkey More than 35 business partners